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VLE, an online environment of e-resources caters to several disciplines taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is an initiative of  Institute of Life-Long Learning, University of Delhi. Conceived in 2012, VLE today boasts state of art material that addresses emerging needs of a diverse student body, not only of Delhi University but other universities as well. Drawing from several successful Moodle models, the multi-media interactive contents loaded on VLE are categorized discipline-wise.

The lessons are developed by highly qualified faculty members across the universities and are continually edited and reviewed, primarily by discipline-expert Fellows employed to edit, oversee and coordinate the content. The content goes through several levels of rigorous peer reviewing and academic vetting to ensure quality and standardization. VLE also contains multimedia repository in form of audio, video and short films to expose students to new technologies in pedagogy.

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Under the ongoing NME-ICT project e-content are being prepared in the disciplines of History, Economics, Commerce, Mathematics, Zoology and Botany. Interested academics (Permanent) working in the University of Delhi may write at

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