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Bussines Law

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Course: Commerce
Book: Bussines Law
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Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 9:33 PM

1. Offer and Acceptance

Subject : Commerce 

Lesson : Offer and Acceptance 

Course Developer : Anu Panday 

University /Department: Motilal Nehru College, Department of commerce, University of Delhi

2. 2.1 What is an Offer / Proposal?

3. 2.1.1 How is an Offer Made?

4. 2.1.2 To whom Can Offer be Made?

5. 2.2 Conditions for Valid Offer

6. 2.3 What is an Acceptance?

7. Summary

8. Glossary

9. References

Singh Avtar (2008): Law of Contract, Eastern Book Company, Lucknow 

Kuchhal M.C. (2005): Business Law, Vikas Publishing House PVT LTD, Delhi