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The material is being uploaded for non-profit, non-commercial educational use. Every effort has been made to track down copyright holders of material used in this lesson, such as audio and video clips, visual images, graphs, illustrations etc. In all cases, URLs have been provided, and in most cases, and wherever avalable, the appropriate copyright holders have been approached for permission to use their material. If, however, there are still any copyrighted materials and if holders of the copyright have any issues with our use of their material, they can please inform us at so that the concerned material can be removed, or suitable steps be taken to avoid infringement of copyright law.

Along the same lines, if any creations and exclusive articles being uploaded here are taken from our website, permission may be sought from us before using the material.

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Under the ongoing NME-ICT project e-content are being prepared in the disciplines of History, Economics, Commerce, Mathematics, Zoology and Botany. Interested academics (Permanent) working in the University of Delhi may write at

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